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When everything falls into place, eBrochures produce spectacular results and savings even eclipsing their paper counterparts. So, how do you achieve the full potential of digital brochures?

First, you make the eBrochure disappear. The spotlight needs to be on your products. If the eBrochure takes center stage because readers are required to operate it in a specific way forcing them to constantly look away from your content to find and interact with the navigation bar, then its impact will be very limited.

Readers must be able to do what comes naturally to them. They need to forget about the eBrochure to focus on the content. Clever features can help you do this.

Second, you enhance the reading experience. Unless the eBrochure delivers more than the paper version, readers will likely revert to their old habits and order the printed brochure. This is when technology comes into play. By carefully adding key features, you can make any paper brochure undesirable compared to the digital version.

When you combine everything, you end up with an eBrochure that is "irresistible" to your audience.

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