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Ironically, technology is just part of the answer when it comes to eBrochures. You may be surprised to hear this from a high-tech company, but the reality is that eBrochures can actually interfere with the content they are supposed to present.

And this is when the problems begin. The eBrochure itself takes center stage, not its content. Reading is constantly interrupted because the user needs to contend with busy tool bars and loading pages which create an obstacle that is not present in the paper versions of the brochure.

Elaborate user interfaces might appeal to the software engineers who created them, but for the average web user it is a different story. Reading the brochure becomes annoying; most quit after struggling with a just few pages. Unfortunately, they have not been exposed long enough to a content that is designed to influence their purchase decisions.Such shortcomings affect sales.

eBrochures are not just about 3D pages; subtle, yet critical, aspects of the experience make a real difference in terms of the results you can expect.

If paper brochures are responsible for a large portion of your company's revenues, then paying attention to these differences will make the transition to digital very rewarding for you and your audience.